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From Heartache to Higher Love Part 1

I have a story to tell you, about heartache… 


The story takes place over a year ago last March when we were hosting our Enchanted Hawaii retreat.  It was during our second mushroom ceremony where we took lower doses and had the opportunity to be on our own, on this amazing property and integrate the deeper ceremony that was facilitated a few days before.


This offered me the opportunity to receive the medicine as well, since we were all on our own sovereign journey that day.  Together, and individuated. For the past few years my journey with mushrooms has been quite intense, going deep into the core of anger, grief, and old deeply rooted programs of delusional beliefs.


On this particular day I was feeling the weight of the broken heart.  I could feel the broken heart of myself, the planet and the people at the retreat.  I could feel the core of everything that exists and its broken heart.


I started getting angry, and having an inner dialogue with the medicine as to why we need to feel this way. What was the actual point??


I was instructed to get up…. 


what happened next changed how I saw everything...

As I got up from where I was sitting on the grass, the medicine was guiding me to walk around the property and focus on everything that was around me. I started to look at the trees, the ducks, the flowers, and was being shown the beauty in all things.

"You see this? all this beauty? this came from heartache. In this world there is no beauty without it. Can you understand the reason it exists?"

I understood, I understood how when I chose to integrate my heartache and pain into beauty that it would serve me, always. That this pain, the pain of Mother Earth, the pain of humanity, was the purpose and spark for all the beauty in the world.

It was a moment of surrender. Without needing to have the explanation as to why, I knew, that it was what we wanted. It was how we could see the beauty.

Sometimes when our heart hurts so bad, it's very challenging to be in this space of appreciation.

We know this all too well.

Which is why we created MORPHO: From heartache to higher love with Blue Lotus.

If your heart needs a sanctuary to heal, we invite you to explore the possibilities with us this coming August 1-30th.

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