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An Initiation of Alchemical Transformation 
with Blue Lotus

A 4-Week Online Quantum Metamorphosis with
Ritual Magick


Aug 5th - 30th


**NOTE: Correction in the video. Cut off date for product to be shipped in time to receive it for the beginning of the course is July 25th

Are you ready to harness the alchemist within and learn how to use energy to create matter?


Do you seek to transcend old limitations?

Does ritual Magick used for transformation excite you?

Do you desire to alchemize the shadows within your mind?

Are you eager to decode the symbols and signs that guide your path?

Are you curious about the subconscious messages in your dreams?

Are you prepared to harness quantum energy for real, tangible change?


  • ARE NAVIGATING LIFE TRANSITIONS: Whether you're facing a major life change or seeking profound personal growth, MORPHO offers tools to empower your journey.

  • LEARNING TO EMBRACE RITUAL MAGICK: Discover the potential of ritual Magick as a catalyst for deep transformation and empowerment in your life.

  • CURIOUS ABOUT QUANTUM TRANSFORMATION TOOLS: Learn to use quantum tools to dissolve old patterns, harness energy, and manifest new possibilities.

  • DESIRE TO UNLOCK YOUR PSYCHIC POTENTIAL: Delve into the mysteries of your mind, decode dreams, and gain clarity on subconscious messages guiding your path.

  • WORKING ON MASTERING EMOTIONAL AND MENTAL CLARITY: Gain insights into your emotions, master your mind, and find clarity and purpose in your daily life.

  • ARE ON THE JOURNEY OF SELF-LIBERATION: Deepen your understanding of yourself, align with your true purpose, and live authentically beyond the confines of the system.

Are you ready to transcend emotional challenges, old thought patterns, access your supernatural powers, learn the art of true manifestation (not the pretend kind)  and harness your inner alchemical magicianship?


MORPHO invites those seeking to transform emotional turmoil into empowerment, stepping into a life enriched with higher love and purpose through the power of quantum alchemy and ritual magick.


In times of societal upheaval and chaos, mastering chaos Magick becomes essential. It involves harnessing the infinite potentials of reality and choosing the timeline that resonates with our highest awareness. Without delving into our internal mental and emotional constructs, we remain at the mercy of external forces, unaware that we are the architects of our own reality. Often times we are running a loop in the mind that is a byproduct of a psychic attack where we left a door open from an old trauma turned into a pattern that allows the darkness to feed off of.  This is not bad, it just needs to be alchemized.

Our pain serves as a profound teacher, yet societal narratives often encourage us to flee rather than confront. The traditional mantra of positive thinking and the law of attraction has proven insufficient—it lacks the crucial understanding of "the law of assumption."

Many yearn to explore magick but lack foundational skills. Central to this exploration is embracing chaos as a fundamental tool for harnessing and manifesting energy into tangible form.

MORPHO initiates you into a 4-week Alchemical Journey with Blue Lotus, providing transformative tools to navigate with grace. It supports your evolution, offering profound insights to reshape your life's trajectory and worldly experience. At its core is the potent Blue Lotus, known for its ability to soothe the nervous system, expand consciousness, access dream realms for profound insights, tap into ancient rituals and your innate magick. This empowers you to transcend unconscious psychic barriers and liberate your mind, fully embracing life's vast possibilities.







Reflect on your current state and identify recurring patterns and limitations. Are you experiencing cycles of rejection, abandonment, stress, financial struggles, health issues, or relationship challenges? Do you find yourself caught in global events or stuck in a loop of blaming external factors? This week is dedicated to honest self-assessment, laying the groundwork for your emotional transformation.



Dive deep into your emotions and initiate your transformational journey. What old wounds are calling for healing? What buried emotions are ready to be released? Processing involves confronting and understanding your inner loops, pain, and life experiences, allowing you to begin the profound work of alchemizing the old into the new. Create space for your feelings and grant yourself permission to embrace every aspect of your journey.



Embrace a profound transformation as you align with your higher self. Utilize rituals, quantum transformation techniques, and dream analysis to empower your journey. This week marks the integration of your magicianship, deepening your connection to the inherent power of transforming energy into tangible reality.



Celebrate your journey, newfound clarity, and profound inner power. How does it feel to embrace the magick and sorcery within you? This week honors your progress and invites you to step fully into your new, empowered self. Imagine the joy of releasing burdens and welcoming a fresh start with open arms.


A Heart’s Ally in Healing and Transformation

Blue Lotus has been revered for centuries as a powerful spiritual and healing tool. Its gentle yet profound effects on the heart and mind make it the perfect ally for this journey.

How Blue Lotus Helps our Metamorphosis

  • Emotional Healing: Blue Lotus helps to soothe emotional turmoil, easing the pain of heartache and grief, calming the nervous system so we can really get to the core of our truth and what needs to be alchemized.

  • Heart Opener: It acts as a heart opener, allowing for deeper emotional expression and connection and an opportunity to reveal the psychic negative influences without shame, or judgement.

  • Calming and Centering: The calming effects of Blue Lotus promote a sense of peace and centeredness, helping you navigate through uncomfortable realizations with more grace.

  • Lucid Dream Activations: Our subconscious is speaking to us in the dream realm and when we can use our dreams to decode or actually intentionally participate in the Astral Realms we gain psychic abilities that help master our Magicianship in the third dimension.

  • It's one of the highest frequency flowers on the planet

Building a Relationship with a Sacred Sacrament

This journey is not just about temporary relief from old patterns, heartache or loops; it's about building a lasting relationship with Blue Lotus, a sacred sacrament. By working with this plant medicine, you will:

  • Deepen Your Spiritual Practice: Learn how to incorporate Blue Lotus into your rituals and meditations for ongoing support and growth.

  • Receive Guidance: Develop a personal connection with the spirit of Blue Lotus, allowing it to guide you in your healing and awakening.

  • Experience Ongoing Benefits: Continue to use Blue Lotus in your spiritual practice, benefiting from its healing and heart-opening properties long after the journey ends.

  • Tapping into ancient Egyptian rituals that are rooted in the frequency of this plant medicine




  • 1 Blue Lotus Tea

  • 1 MetaMorpho Pack of Pre-Roll Smokes

  • 1 MetaMorpho 777 Hydrosol 

(Valued at $95)


Live calls with Sari and Natalie to launch the protocol and integrate the 4-weeks, opening with a Blue Lotus Ceremony and closing with a Celebratory completion call.


Music is a powerful healing tool, we will be curating a playlist to assist in the processing and MORPHO journey


Each week we will drop a video on Sunday and Wednesday so you can follow a guided protocol leading up to the live calls.


To ensure the ongoing support throughout the entire 4-weeks we will have a live support group where participants can share and receive reflections from facilitators and fellow peers.


PDF guide to follow that will help you create your own sacred ceremonial rituals at home.


  • Master Quantum Transformational Tools: Learn powerful techniques rooted in quantum principles to catalyze profound personal transformation. These tools empower you to transcend limitations, manifest desires, and shape your reality for years to come.

  • Deepen Your Connection to Magick and Ritual: Explore ancient practices and rituals that awaken your innate magickal abilities. Through sacred ceremonies and intentional rituals, you'll cultivate a deeper connection to spiritual energies and harness supernatural powers within.

  • Illuminate Subconscious Patterns: Gain profound clarity into your emotions and subconscious mind, unlocking the keys to conscious living and empowered decision-making aligned with your highest aspirations.

  • Embark on a Journey of Profound Metamorphosis: Align with your highest potential and undergo a radical transformation of perspective, catalyzed by ancient rituals and quantum techniques that empower you to manifest your desired reality.

  • Forge Soulful Connections: Connect authentically with fellow seekers on the path of personal growth and spiritual evolution, creating a supportive community where mutual understanding and growth flourish.

  • Celebrate Your Quantum Leap: Honor your journey of growth and empowerment, celebrating the emergence of a new, empowered self filled with love, purpose, and the magickal potential to shape your reality.



Embark on this transformative journey valued at

$789 now available for a special price of $497!!

**Make sure to register BEFORE July 25th to receive your

MORPHO RITUAL KIT by the beginning of the course




When you register you will receive a 20% discount coupon for all Celestial Sacrament products ( in addition to the MORPHO ritual kit already included)

**Valid from Aug 1 - Oct 31 


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